Karma Healing


Karma Healing is a practice followed to uplift one’s life with positive thinking, meditation and good deeds. Karma is a Sanskrit term meaning volitional action. Karma is believed to be something good or bad that occurs to us and which is related to our actions in the past, either in this life or some other incarnations. Karma is a way of punishing or rewarding one for their actions in the past. Karma advocates the saying, “We reap what we sow”. It is not force acting but an action upon our own activity in the past. Today, Karma Healing is a practice followed by people from different corners of the world to enlighten their life and bring in positivity ad success.

Common Signs of Need for Karma Healing

  • Feeling Insecure and Uncomfortable: Be it in office or home, in mind or body, one feels insecure and uncomfortable.
  • Feeling out of Control: One wants to react and response in a controlled manner but feels out of control in different situations.
  • Plagued by Negative Thoughts: One is surrounded with negative thoughts and pessimism and feels as if everything is for no good.
  • Constant Worries: One is surrounded with constant worries even for the most trivial things leading to mental stress and ill health.
  • Feeling Lone and Depressed: One feels lonely and depressed and longs for something but couldn’t understand what the desire is.

There are many such signs that require karma healing. You feel sick, confused and negative and are unsure of the root causes. That is the time when you should seek karma healing. This healing is done through meditation, yoga and other natural and spiritual methods.

Karma Healing Services

Looking for karma healing services? We provide you karma healing consultancy and services over the phone and in person. Reach out to us for instant help towards prosperity and happiness through karma healing.

To avail our Karma Healing services and for more information on Karma, contact us at saispiritualsolutions@gmail.com.

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“A Pure Thought from a Pure Heart is better than a Mantra.” – Sai Baba

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